hemp seed protein powder

How To Use Hemp Seed Protein Powder To Build Muscle

Hemp seed protein powder is a health supplement made from the pulverized seeds of the hemp plant. It is used by athletes to build muscle, as protein is the key element needed for muscle growth and repair.

Hemp powder can also be used to soothe inflammation, aid digestion and boost the immune system.

Why Use Hemp Powder To Build Muscle?

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Hemp seed protein powder contains 20 amino acids, including all nine essential amino acids used for building or repairing muscle tissue.

Current research suggests hemp powder is comparable to egg whites and soy in its protein levels. The amino acids edestin and albumin are present in high enough quantities to make the proteins easily digestible by the body.

Overall, hemp protein powder is considered an excellent supplement for use in a healthy lifestyle. Branched-chain amino acids, found in hemp seeds, work by building lean muscle and repairing body tissue. The amino acids increase the rate of repair while simultaneously slowing the decay of existing muscles. For athletes, this means a reduced risk of muscle injury (provided exercise is taken sensibly) and a faster recovery rate if an injury does occur.

Best still, hemp seed is a hypoallergenic, plant-based product. This means it is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, or anyone with egg, dairy, gluten or soy intolerances, who could not tolerate an animal-based protein source. 

Are There Any Potential Issues?

Research has shown that while hemp seed contains all of the amino acids, it has lower levels of the amino acids lysine, tryptophan and leucine. This is a problem for athletes as leucine is the main protein used to synthesize new muscle tissue. Researchers believe this means hemp protein powder is not the most effective choice to aid muscle growth and repair.

Some athletes prefer to use an animal-based protein rather than hemp, which of course is plant-based, as animal-based proteins have been found to contain higher levels of leucine. Vegetarian or vegan athletes, or those with food intolerances, cannot use animal-based proteins, making hemp seed the best choice for them.

What Dosage Should You Take?

The recommended dose for athletes looking to repair and build muscle is 5-7 tablespoons each day. These spoonfuls can be stirred into regular meals for convenience so that extra meals (and therefore extra calories) do not need to be consumed. Another easy way to ingest hemp protein powder is to make a protein shake as a snack between meals.

Final Thoughts

Hemp protein powder contains all the essential amino acids in a high enough quantity to help grow and repair muscle mass. It is easy to ingest as it can be added to regular meals.

Although research has shown hemp powder to have less of the protein leucine than animal-based proteins, there is enough to improve muscle tissue, making hemp powder a good protein source for people with allergies or intolerances.